Lot EGW 2503: Elida Geisha Washed Vuelta

Lot EGW 2503: Elida Geisha Washed Vuelta

Process: Geisha Washed
Growing Region: Alto Quiel, Boquete
Elevation: 1,920-1,960masl
Total Weight: 50 lbs

Lot Description

VUELTA lot. This is the only lot from Vuelta in the PA, the highest elevation with full production at Elida Estate. Like Aguacate lot, it is fully located inside the Baru Volcano National Park (BVNP). Hand-washed, sun-dried slowly in raised beds. Resting for this lot began on the 6th of April 2022.

Lot Description

Reference Number:EGW 2503
Opening Bid:$60.00/lb
무게:50 lbs

Coffee details

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