Lot 0203-6: Elida Aguacate GN CM ASD AL01 (0203-6)

Estate: Elida
Elevation: 1900 Masl
Process: Natural Carbonic Maceration 144 hrs
Growing Region: Alto Quiel, Boquete
Total Weight: 20 lbs

Aguacate lot located at 1900 Masl inside the mountains of Elida Estate surrounded by a number of trees, the cherries are picked and then anaerobically placed in a sealed tank for a Carbonic Maceration that takes 144 hours inside our room “The Vault” at stable 16C temperature, for later a slow dry period in raised beds under the sun.

Coffee and cupping details

Bags: 0
Weight: 20 lbs

Farm details

Top Performing Farm: Elida Estate
Top Performing District: Alto Quiel, Boquete
Farm Elevation: 1900
Drying Method: Natural Carbonic Maceration 144 hrs

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