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18th August 2021 at 18:00 hrs (Panama) | 19th August at 08:00 hrs (Tokyo)

26 lots from our three estates

For this auction we will feature lots from our three farms, from different microclimates, and specifically innovative processes like ASD, Native Yeast, Carbonic Maceration, and others.

Samples set fee $480: 24 sample per box / 100 gr per sample

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Award Winning Estates

Estates Auction Vol.1

The Lamastus Family are major contributors in Panamanian specialty coffee, especially Wilford Lamastus Sr., who is a key figure in the creation and organization of the annual auction of the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama. He has also achieved multiple score and price records in the Best of Panama competitions.

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18th August 2021 at 18:00 hrs Panama | 19th August 2021 at 08:00 hrs Tokyo

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The Lamastus Family Estates

The Lamastus Family Estates is a coffee company founded by Robert Lamastus in 1918 and the continued by his son Thatcher. The Lamastus Family Estates comprises three coffee plantations in the Panamanian Highlands. Elida Estates is the original farm founded by Robert Lamastus in 1918, El Burro Estate originally owned by Amado Boutet (Thatcher's father in-law), and Luito Geisha founded by Luito Lamastus in 2014 (Thatcher's son). All the farms are located in very different terroirs, whitin the Panamanian highland territories. Each farm, because of its location, is very unique due to the microclimates and microorganisms surrounding each coffee plantation.

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Geisha Spectrum Sample Box


  • 24 sample per box / 100 gr per sample
  • 1 Authenticity Certificate with Authenticity Wax Seal
  • 1 Auction Lot Guide (description of each lot)

Sample set fee: $480

Geisha Spectrum

"Geisha Spectrum" is the inspiration of the wide range complexity of all the colors represented by the different geisha in the Estates Auction 2021 by the Lamastus Family Estates. The inspiration to create a complex piece of art that represents the vibrant variety of colors, with each color representing a flavor note from the Coffee Flavor Wheel.

The geisha coffee is art on its own, and the design of every lot, gets represented by the piece "Geisha Spectrum" by Daniela Goldfarb and her style of line and vibrant colors together representing structure, yet a spectrum of flavors representing the balance, uniqueness, and combinations of attributes given by variety, terroir, and process to each individual lot offered in the Estates Auction.