Lot EGW 2004: Elida Geisha Washed Torre

Lot EGW 2004: Elida Geisha Washed Torre

Process: Geisha Washed
Growing Region: Alto Quiel, Boquete
Elevation: 1,800-1,825masl
Total Weight: 50 lbs

Lot Description

TORRE is a multiple times BOP champion. This lot is located inside the mountains of Elida Estate with an amazing sun exposure. The coffee fruit goes through a process designed by Wilford, whereby the cherries are fermented in the Reactor Fermenter (RF) for 24hrs and then pulped. The beans go back into the tank for additional 24hrs of fermentation. This is the only lot in the PA designed by Wilford. Hand-washed, sun-dried slowly in raised beds. Resting for this lot began on the 17th May 2022.

Lot Description

Reference Number:EGW 2004
Opening Bid:$60.00/lb
入札単位 :$1.00
重量 :50 lbs

Coffee details


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