Lot EBGN ASD T7D 0302: El Burro Geisha Natural ASD

Lot EBGN ASD T7D 0302: El Burro Geisha Natural ASD

Process: Geisha Natural ASD
Growing Region: Potrerillos, Dolega
Elevation: 1,600-1,700masl
Total Weight: 140 lbs

Lot Description

El Burro is the most-southern coffee farm in Panama. It has a micro-climate found only here, plus it is also partially located inside the biodiverse Baru Volcano National Par, thereby its cup profile is unique. There are only four El Burro lots in the PA, and this is one of the two ASDs. Anaerobically fermented in a sealed tank for 168hrs. Sun-dried in raised beds. Resting for this lot began on the 2th of March 2022.

Lot Description

Reference Number:EBGN ASD T7D 0302
Opening Bid:$60.00/lb
入札単位 :$1.00
重量 :140 lbs

Coffee details


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