Lot 2602-6: Luito GN ASD SE03 (2602-6 Bolsa NY)

Estate: Luito Geisha Estate
Elevation: 1600
Process: Natural ASD Bolsa 144 hrs
Growing Region: Bajo Mono, Boquete
Total Weight: 6 lbs

Luito is located in the northern-most farm in the town of Boquete, bordering Parque Internacional La Amistad (UNESCO World Heritage),
Luito farm is located in a region with 11 months of constant precipitation, making harvest very challenging, this causes the farm to have very small lots and before making bigger lots we cup them individually, this case we did and loved it as it is, the profile in this terroir due to precipitation is very unique. We decided to offer the lot the original size in Anaerobic Slow dry for 144 hours fermentation was applied to the cherries, this time due to the size in a sealed plastic bag.

Lot Description

Reference Number:2602-6
Opening Bid:$50.00/lb
Weight:6 lbs
Drying Method:Natural ASD Bolsa 144 hrs

Farm details

Farm Name: Luito Estate
Region: Bajo Mono, Boquete
Farm Elevation: 1600

Other info

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