Lot 1204-4: Luito GH ASD AL01 (1204-4)

Estate: Luito Geisha Estate
Elevation: 1650 Masl
Process: Honey ASD 92 hrs
Growing Region: Bajo Mono, Boquete
Total Weight: 24 lbs

Luito is located in the northern-most farm in the town of Boquete, bordering Parque Internacional La Amistad (UNESCO World Heritage), the cherries are depulped and then fermented Anaerobic Slow dry for 92 hours in a sealed tank, for later drying it in raised beds under the sun

Lot Description

Reference Number:1204-4
Opening Bid:$40.00/lb
Weight:24 lbs
Drying Method:Honey ASD 92 hrs

Farm details

Farm Name: Luito Geisha Estate
Region: Bajo Mono, Boquete
Farm Elevation: 1650

Other info

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