Lot EGH SE01 1108-1: Elida Aguacatillo Honey

Lot EGH SE01 1108-1: Elida Aguacatillo Honey

Process: Geisha Honey
Growing Region: Elida, Alto Quiel
Elevation: Above 2000 masl
Total Weight: 7 lbs

Lot Description

Aguacatillo is the highest lot producing in Elida Estate, this year only 7lbs were produced. It is located deep inside the National Park surrounded and partially covered by a priceless biodiverse mountain above 2000 masl.

Just 7lbs/3.2kg were picked in this 2022 season, and all are in this Special Lot. This lot was harvested very late because of the ultra-high elevation where it is produced and it was meticulously process as clean bright honey, dried slowly in raised beds for 20 days.

Lot Description

Reference Number:EGH SE01 1108-1
Opening Bid:$100.00/lb
Weight:7 lbs

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