Lot 1302-5: El Burro GN ASD NY AL02 (1302-5)

Estate: El Burro Estate
Elevation: 1675 Masl
Process: Natural ASD Native Yeast
Growing Region: Cabecera, Dolega
Weight: 80 lbs

EL Burro is located inside the Baru Volcano National park, being one of the farms closer to the Pacific Ocean. From any anaerobic natural, the coffee cherry releases juices from the fruit itself, we collect the fruit from a natural geisha and store it in controlled temperature. This is what we call Native Yeast, being fully native from our coffee trees. The Native Yeast (NY) is added to the cherries that are placed in the tank, to later seal it and perform an anaerobic slow dry for 120 hours.

Lot Description

Reference Number:1302-5
Opening Bid:$40.00/lb
Weight:80 lbs
Drying Method:Natural ASD Native Yeast

Farm details

Farm Name: El Burro Estate
Region: Cabecera, Dolega
Farm Elevation: 1675

Other info

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