Lot EG0: EGH SE01 1108-1

EGH SE01 1108-1 Elida Aguacatillo Honey

Process: Geisha Honey
Growing Region: Alto Quiel, Boquete
Elevation: Above 2000 masl
Total Weight: 9 Lbs

Lot Description

Aguacatillo, situated deep inside the National Park and surrounded by a priceless biodiverse mountain above 2000 masl, is the highest lot producing in Elida Estate. For the current year, only 9 lbs (4 kg) of coffee were produced from this lot.

The Especial Lot encompasses the entire harvest of Aguacatillo for the 2023 season, amounting to just 9 lbs (4 kg). Due to its ultra-high elevation, the harvesting occurred very late. The coffee cherries underwent meticulous processing, resulting in clean, bright honey flavors, and were dried slowly on raised beds for 20 days.

Lot Description

Reference Number:EG0
Opening Bid:$100.00/lb
Weight:9 lbs
Varietal: Geisha

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