Auction 2021

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Lots in this auction

Special Edition

LotVarietyProcessBagsWeightIncrementBidTotal valueTitleHigh bidderTime left
1603-815.5lbs$0.50$4,100.00/lb$22,550.00Elida Aguacatillo GN ASD SE01 (1603-8 Bolsa)Black Gold Specialty Coffee, Oklao Specialty Coffee, Clay Coffee Collective, 资董窝玺 杭州 FINISHED
2602-616lbs$0.50$2,222.00/lb$13,332.00Luito GN ASD SE03 (2602-6 Bolsa NY)Sulalat Coffee Trading FINISHED

Geisha Natural

LotVarietyProcessBagsWeightIncrementBidTotal valueTitleHigh bidderTime left
0104150lbs$0.50$325.50/lb$16,275.00Elida Vuelta GN ASD AL01 (0104)Grand Cru Coffee (China) FINISHED
2903-6150lbs$0.50$261.00/lb$13,050.00Elida Aguacate GN ASD AL02 (2903-6)1. 團咖啡-Twangcoffee 2. Black Gold Specialty Coffee FINISHED
0203-6120lbs$0.50$652.00/lb$13,040.00Elida Aguacate GN CM ASD AL01 (0203-6)Sulalat Coffee Trading FINISHED
2003-6150lbs$0.50$555.50/lb$27,775.00Elida Aguacate GN CM ASD AL02 (2003-6) Blendin Coffee Club FINISHED
1307-6-150lbs$0.50$182.00/lb$9,100.00Elida Aguacate GN ASD AL03 (1307-6)Grand Cru Coffee (China), 温州AC COFFEE ROASTERS;瑞安黛梨;乐清董咖啡;双福咖啡 FINISHED
1203-6135lbs$0.50$311.00/lb$10,885.00Elida Torre GN ASD AL01 (1203-6)TAF - I. Taloumis & CO EE FINISHED
0704-61100lbs$0.50$201.00/lb$20,100.00Elida Torre GN ASD AL02 (0704-6)BC CO. Ltd NZ/ ; 明谦咖啡 MQ coffee ; Cheerbeans trading Co. Ltd. ; BrewLab NZ / Mavis & Co. NZ ; Billy Cafe NZ ; L'escargot d'or cosmetocafe FINISHED
0904-6120lbs$0.50$190.00/lb$3,800.00Luito GN ASD AL01 (0904-6)YOUDONG,GAEROCK FINISHED
2403-6112lbs$0.50$250.00/lb$3,000.00Luito GN ASD AL02 (2403-6)Grocyber llc FINISHED
0104-7190lbs$0.50$96.10/lb$8,649.00El Burro GN ASD NY AL01 (0104-7)KAKALOVE CAFE (Taiwan) FINISHED
1302-5180lbs$0.50$181.00/lb$14,480.00El Burro GN ASD NY AL02 (1302-5)Sulalat Coffee Trading FINISHED
1902-51100lbs$0.50$93.50/lb$9,350.00El Burro GN ASD AL01 (1902-5)TAF - I. Taloumis & CO EE FINISHED
0502-71150lbs$0.50$70.50/lb$10,575.00El Burro GN ASD AL02 (0502-7)宁波愛咖啡Ningbo AncientCoffee / 大响咖啡 / 猪氏会社 / 厦门菡咖啡 / PICK COFFEE (Taiwan) / TUMAZ 黑熊咖啡 FINISHED
3101-5180lbs$0.50$151.50/lb$12,120.00El Burro GN ASD AL03 (3101-5)Sarutahiko Coffee Inc. FINISHED
0302-71100lbs$0.50$81.00/lb$8,100.00El Burro GN ASD AL04 (0302-7) SAZA COFFEE FINISHED

Washed and Honey

LotVarietyProcessBagsWeightIncrementBidTotal valueTitleHigh bidderTime left
28041100lbs$0.50$190.00/lb$19,000.00Elida Vuelta GW AL01 (2804)COFFEE BUFF,LOOP COFFEE,CLAY COFFEE COLLECTIVE FINISHED
28031100lbs$0.50$181.50/lb$18,150.00Elida Aguacate GW AL01 (2803) Grand Cru Coffee (China), 剁手咖啡群(Cut Hand Group);WU WEI CAFE; il gatto coffee;浙江上下咖啡烘焙;Walden Coffee;双福咖啡 FINISHED
2204140lbs$0.50$180.00/lb$7,200.00Elida Aguacate GW AL02 (2204)HELEN COFFEE FINISHED
29051100lbs$0.50$177.00/lb$17,700.00Elida Aguacate GW AL03 (2905)COFFEE BUFF,LUCKY DRAW,Teacher Ray,lightroom coffee FINISHED
8041100lbs$0.50$178.50/lb$17,850.00Elida Torre GW AL01 (0804)资董窝玺, CLAY COFFEE COLLECTIVE FINISHED
7041100lbs$0.50$152.00/lb$15,200.00Elida Torre GH AL01 (0704)芦田家咖啡研习社,泰摩咖啡 FINISHED
3003-51100lbs$0.50$154.50/lb$15,450.00Elida Centro GH NY ASD AL01 (3003-5)Linking Coffee 聯傑咖啡 FINISHED
1204-4124lbs$0.50$170.50/lb$4,092.00Luito GH ASD AL01 (1204-4)Brisa & Tierra for Coffee with 4 Elements FINISHED
1703-41150lbs$0.50$72.50/lb$10,875.00El Burro GH CM ASD NY AL01 (1703-4)Aowei Coffee, Sydney Coffee Business, 互语精品咖啡 FINISHED
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