Gallery 2021

Gesha Spectrum | Auction 2021

About the Auction Theme

"Geisha Spectrum" was the inspiration of the wide range complexity of all the colors represented by the different geishas in the Estates Auction 2021 by the Lamastus Family Estates. The inspiration was to create a complex piece of art that represents the vibrant variety of colors, with each color representing a flavor note from the Coffee Flavor Wheel.

The geisha coffee was art on its own, and the design of every lot, gets represented by the piece "Geisha Spectrum" by Daniela Goldfarb. Her style of line and vibrant colors together represented structure, yet a spectrum of flavors representing the balance, uniqueness, and combinations of attributes given by variety, terroir and process to each individual lot offered in the Estates Auction.

Special Edition Lots

Last Year there were two Special Edition lots, that due to their size, were not part of the sample set box. Only 5 sets of 50 grams samples were shipped to the customers that invest more yearly in Lamastus Family Estates Coffees.

hese lots ended up selling very well, with one of them Elida Aguacatillo GN ASD SE01 (1603-8 Bolsa) breaking the World Record for Most Expensive Coffee at an Auction.

Elida Aguacatillo is the highest producing point in Elida Estate inside the National Park, above 2000 masl. Just a few pounds were picked in 2021 season.

This lot was picked by WIlford Jr for Brewers Cup 2021 championship, however due to Covid-19 the competition was cancelled and instead this lot was included in the auction.